Welcome To Farmhouse Books

Farmhouse Books publish books written by Karen Langley. Karen is passionate about helping children to find and be true to themselves, and is deeply empathic, relating closely to the pains and tribulations experienced as a child grows up.

Karen’s stories focus on situations that all children will experience, either directly or vicariously, as they move through life. The books encourage children to face these challenges head on, and – with a very light hand - highlight the need for honesty, integrity, discipline and good behavior. Where age-appropriate, the stories are illustrated.

Some of the books are accompanied by stand-alone puzzle books, while others include worksheets. The puzzles and worksheet questions have been formulated to stimulate real thought and encourage children to go beyond the story to discover more about themselves and other people.

Parents, grandparents, teachers, principals and children have all had positive things to say about the books.