Heather Van Moerkerken:

Sarah, her friends and the class bully
A great read that conveys the importance of being kind to others and making special friends. Children will learn valuable lessons about friendship and forgiveness. We enjoyed the pictures and the worksheet which encourages children to think about what they have read and learnt. Add this one to your children's bookshelf today!

Christmas in Hope Town
A wonderful story to read to your children! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it myself and it inspires the reader to do good not only over the Festive Season but throughout the year as well. Great illustrations to keep kids interested. Worksheet at the back of the book makes it a very interactive read. This will not disappoint!

It Takes Courage To Say No
'It takes courage to say no’ imparts valuable lessons about life. It makes the reader realize that parents/guardians do speak words of wisdom that should resonate in our daily lives. Teens will definitely relate to Thabo's experiences at school and will hopefully learn from his wise choices. What I liked most was his character's respect for elders (a rarity amongst youngsters in modern society). Buy it today!

Lydia Weight:

Sarah, Her Friends and The Class Bully
Christmas in Hope Town
It takes Courage to say No
As a qualified and experienced teacher, an English specialist, I have been impressed by the calibre of Karen Langley's children's books. It is not often that an edifying story can be so woven that the message comes across subtly while the book is so totally absorbing. I rate these lively and interesting tales a must-read for every schoolchild and a must-have for every school library. Although there are principles imparted in these excellent reads, such as that bullying is not to be tolerated, that friendships are to be highly prized, and that older and wiser people should be encouraged to influence one's life; the stories are not moralistic in any negative sense. Rather, they focus on everyday, true-life issues, such as a move to a new home and a new school, with all the emotional turmoil this embraces. Children glean the wisdom embedded in each pearl of a story. They are forewarned that taking good advice leads to good outcomes.  Forewarned is forearmed. Children are given valuable tools with which to construct their own decisions.
Parents and grandparents alike find pleasure and value in the interaction they have with the young ones who have these charming narratives read to them. Karen's stories are models of integrity and ethical living - hurting no one; helping others wherever possible; keeping the environment pristine; forgiving those who see the error of their ways and ask forgiveness; accepting the wisdom of a beloved older person; recognizing the value of friendships, and so much more.
Karen Langley is an oracle of sound judgement and discernment. These excellent traits exude from every chapter of every book, making them a worthwhile addition to the reading material of every child at school, especially in the lower grades where so much advice is needed to be meted out, yet in a pre-eminently sensitive manner.
Karen's books fit the bill perfectly

List of comments regarding the books:

These are all delightful reads – in fact I really enjoyed the stories myself.   Mom who read the books to her daughter

These stories drop valuable and much needed nuggets of information throughout the book.  Great stories - Principal

I have taught all my life and I must say that I have never heard a principal speak to pupils about the values of friendship.  I truly wish you well with the books because they are very much needed in our schools today.  Retired teacher from the Free State

All three of these stories are a must read for children.  In fact, even parents can learn a thing or two from these books.  Teacher KZN

As I read each of these stories to my grandchildren not only did they not want me to take a break but we enjoyed the most wonderful interaction and time of sharing as we discussed the worksheets.  Grandmother

Make sure you get these books into all our schools.  Retired teacher

So often, in the staff room, teachers blabber about difficulties that children within their class are going through.  This information is shared and then repeated.  I really like the way you dropped in the bit about the teacher dealing with Joyce’s problems – a strong message to teachers  -  if you want to help pupils let them know that you can be trusted and keep a confidence,  It’s really difficult for children to talk about, or share hurtful, private  and  sensitive issues.  I hope the teachers catch on to this!!! Psychologist/ Social Worker

To me these stories flow well, have an excellent message and are interesting.  They keep the child’s attention.   Stories like these make reading a pleasure rather than an obligation.  Teacher

I like the way you have used black and white illustrations – no emphasis on children’s skin colour.  You have allowed the characters in your books to be children just as it should be.

Good wholesome stories dealing with true to life experiences.  Proof reader

Hope you write more of these “Hope Town Stories” Editor

I was experiencing the problem of children being bullied in my class.  You suggested I read the book Sarah her friends and the class bully to the class and then the following day allow the class to spend some time acting out the story.  Giving the children the opportunity to play the roles of a bully, the part of the teacher, the principal and a loving and kind friend.  This was incredibly interesting!! Oh my word I sure learned a thing or two!! Teacher Gauteng.

I found all three books to be very positive. They will pass on a good, message to all who read them.  Teacher

When asked to have a look at the books, I found myself running out of time.  I asked my son who is in grade 9 to please read the books on my behalf and give me his opinion and comments.  He was very impressed.  Principal

After the class had read the books I divided the class into small groups and used the worksheets at the back of the book.  A very positive response - Teacher